Getting attention

There are many ways to get people’s attention you could say hey or snap at others ,but in the classroom it is unacceptable. Snapping at people in general is rude and mean ,but could also emphasize you are in “dire” need for help. If you need help or you are uncertain about a question or directions you should raise your hand and wait quietly or just go up to a teacher and ask them. Of the variety of ways to get one’s attention, you get to pick which one to use. Choosing one way may seem okay to you ,but in other people’s eyes they may perceive it another. As a student I am sure we all have that one teacher we “dislike” very much and by making a mistake choosing an action that could offend them. If the teachers see you in a negative way they could make your life in that class very difficult to get by in.


If Everything You Knew Was A Lie

Your whole life people have been telling you what is right and what is wrong. How do you know if what they have stated is right? Most people would not question the thought because information that has been given to you came from someone older, bigger, or had more experience. Of course everything they say is not always true. People like to have more power over others, power can be viewed as many things. In some circumstances power is knowledge, as we learn people will withhold certain details about the subjects we are learning. Those details could be very crucial about the subject and change the way we view the world and our society. Later on in life people will stick to one perspective and Continue reading

What is trust?

Why is it when you tell parents the truth about where you are going or what you will be doing they do not trust you at first. Then after persuading them to let you go to a party, a play, or just to hang out with friends you feel good that you could trust them. After wards the parent or parents slowly spy on you or just drop in randomly on you. In that moment you feel so embarrassed and how you thought you could trust them ,but instead you feel betrayed like I thought you were cool with it because you let me go. I can understand how parents are super over protective about you and I do not mind you asking questions ,but Continue reading

Friendly Fights

Have you ever had that moment when you and your friend get into an arguement or fight? Most people have had at least one. Your fights would be about something you said on accident or made a very little mistake on how you voiced your words. Your fight could be a very trivial matter and could be fixed right away ,but your friend took a different course of action and things began to esclate very quickly. Sometimes the problems change from one topic to the next in a matter of seconds. When things are looking very bad it could get real ugly. You may lose your friend or seperate and hate each other for the rest of your Continue reading

A Writer’s Anxiety

When you are told to write about something and you do not know what to write about. Some other people know exactly what to write about. Let us say you finally decide on what to write about and just keep writing and writing. You may reach a point like what happens next? You ponder and ponder until you reach your next plot or just re-read your story. I do not know much about writing but I know some people disapprove of their work or they are scared to reveal their real name. They then create a surname or pen name in place of who wrote the story because I think they do not want to be judge if it is a bad book or they are saying their opinions indirectly about something in the real world. Then after your book is printed and shipped to stores. Unknown authors walk around looking for people who are reading their work and ask random readers about if they enjoy the book or how they feel about it. Inside they feel so happy that the readers love their work. They immediately start writing the second volume, next series, or a new novel in general. As your story develops into something amazing in your opinion you could get a few new opinion about your writings. They could be helpful to you about they way you select your words or if you should add a bit more twist in your papers. This is just something I was suggested and I just wrote about it.

Awkward Situations

I know you have those kind of friends or people that make the situations feel very awkward. Everyone most likely has at least one of those kinds of people or have met them. How did you deal with the situations they have made. Some people I know that just leave and never make any kind of contact with that person ever again. Others ignore them and pretend that they are someone he or she does not know. What I do in these awkward Continue reading